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What is Organic Castor Oil?

Organic Castor Oil is a thick, sticky, odourless oil made from the seeds of the castor plant also known as Ricinus Communis Seed Oil. The fruit seed of castor is a large shrub that grows mainly in areas in Brazil, India and China. It is one of few oils that can be used as a emulsifying agent. Its use dates back to ancient Egypt and the era of Cleopatra.

For smooth, shiny hair

When applied topically Castor Oil moisturises and conditions the hair, especially dry, damaged hair and split ends, leaving it shiny and healthy. Apply a little to the ends of the hair and comb through. Leave for at least 20 minutes or overnight. When added to leave-in conditioners or pre-shampoo hair treatments, Castor Oil coats each hair and can help to smooth the outer protective cuticle and may add shine and help prevent split ends. But remember, a little goes a long way. On fine hair, using too much Castor Oil may leave the hair looking greasy. Organic Castor Oil is an affordable and organic way to moisturise the hair.

Organic Castor Oil- Hair

For glowing skin

Castor Oil is a natural emollient and as with hair, when applied topically it may help skin feel moisturised and less dry. After cleansing, dab a little onto the skin to help restore the skin’s natural moisture balance. Castor Oil is known to help penetrate the skin and support dry or problem skin plus fine lines and wrinkles. For an at-home soothing and relaxing facial, apply a few drops of Castor Oil using a clean, warm cotton flannel or facecloth. Use it on its own or add a few drops to your usual moisturiser for a natural dewy glow.


For thick and healthy looking lashes.

Although Organic Castor Oil does not make your eyelashes grow it does applying Castor Oil regularly can help prevent lash breakage and moisturises the lashes and  make them appear thicker. Applying this natural and organic oil allows moisture back into the lash area. Start applying our Organic Castor Oil  with a spoolie every night and  in two to three weeks there should be a noticeable difference in softness and the hydration of the lashes.


Guaranteed Irish and Vegan-Friendly, ULTRAPURE Laboratories®️ Organic Castor Oil is cold-pressed and Hexane Free. It is a rich source of Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamin E.

Available in 200 ml glass bottle.

ULTRAPURE Laboratories®️ Organic Castor Oil is available exclusively in Pharmacies and Health Stores in Ireland (in-store and online).


If you have any questions about our products please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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