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How to clean a yoga mat

How to clean a yoga mat?

If you are practising yoga at home or using your own mat in a class then you will need to regularly clean your mat. Dirt, dust, sweat and bacteria build up very quickly. Here’s everything you need to deep clean your mat at home and keep it smelling fresh and clean!

Many experts recommend using washing up liquid (dish soap) and water, which does work but it doesn’t really ensure a deep clean. *Always check your mat for its specific cleaning instructions.

DIY Yoga Mat Cleaning Recipe

To make your own DIY yoga mat cleaning spray you will need Tea Tree Essential Oil, Witch Hazel & water (ideally Distilled Water) plus a glass spray bottle. Witch Hazel and Tea Tree Oil are known to have natural antibacterial properties.

  • In a glass spray bottle, add equal parts Water and Witch Hazel, plus a few drops of Tea Tree Oil.

  • Close the spray bottle, shake and spray.

  • Make sure to clean both sides of the mat.

  • Leave the mat to air dry (ideally outside to allow the air to circulate) before using the mat again.


How often should I clean my yoga mat?

A general rule of thumb is to clean yoga mats after each use or at least once a week. Using Tea Tree Oil will help to naturally disinfect your mat and will keep it smelling fresh too.

“I always have a bottle of ULTRAPURE Laboratories®️ Tea Tree Essential Oil in my house. It is so versatile and blends well with Eucalyptus and Lavender Oils too.”


Three other ways to use essential oils with yoga!

  1. The most common way is to use a diffuser to infuse your yoga space with a subtle aroma. Lavender is an ideal relaxing and calming scent.
  2. Make a room spray using water and your favourite essential oil. Choose an uplifting scent such as Eucalyptus Essential Oil and spritz the room before you begin.
  3. Refresh your eye pillow with a drop of calming Lavender Essential Oil for a super-soothing savasana.

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