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Muscle Rub Cream

Sore, tired, aching muscles? You need to try our Guaranteed Irish Muscle Recovery Rub Cream. It contains calming Wintergreen, Rosemary Leaf Oil, soothing Juniper Berry and antioxidant-rich Caffeine Powder to help soothe sore, fatigued and aching muscles and joints.

This is a must-have heat-effect sports cream that is non-greasy, fast-acting, and ideal for targeted application with an ultra-mild scent.


Muscle Recovery Rub Cream

How to use? 

Apply our Wintergreen muscle rub cream liberally onto problem areas and massage well onto clean, dry skin. Ideal pre-workout to warm up muscles and post-workout to soothe and relax muscles.

Focus on legs, arms, back, neck and shoulders avoiding the eyes and any sensitive or delicate areas. Rinse hands well with cool water after use. Can be used up to twice daily.

Is Wintergreen good for muscle pain?

The heat sensation from Wintergreen is ideal for athletes and sports people looking to warm up muscles or soothe tight and stiff areas before any kind of training or game. This muscle rub is also ideal in cold weather.

Stock up today in your local Pharmacy or Health Store.

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