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Epsom Salts- Best for stress relief

We are delighted to announce…

Our ULTRAPURE Laboratories® Epsom Salts has received a Platinum Award in the Rude Health Magazine Awards in the “Best for Stress Relief” category! We’re extremely grateful for everyone who voted for us.  Well done to our team here in Corroy Co. Mayo.

We are very proud to win this award, our Epsom Salts is one of our best selling and longest running products.

Best for stress relief-winners

“Thank you very much to the readers of Rude Health Magazine. We are thrilled that our Epsom Salts, which are both Guaranteed Irish and great value, have been voted as the Platinum winner “Best for Stress Relief”. Simply add a few handfuls of our magnesium-rich Epsom Salts to a warm bath or foot spa, and relax. Our Epsom Salts are a must-have product for anyone experiencing stress, taking exams, exercising or suffering from sore, aching muscles and feet. An ULTRAPURE Epsom salts bath is a natural and simple way to unwind before bed. Wake up feeling refreshed.” John Dempsey, ULTRAPURE Laboratories®


A sneak peek of our feature in Rude Health Magazine March/April edition. Thank you to everyone at Rude Health and a massive congratulations to the team at Unbeelievable Health on winning the Gold in “Best for Stress Relief” category, we are certainly in good company!

Soaking in Epsom Salts allows the body to relax and the muscles to recover. For best results, fill your bath with hot water. Sprinkle 1-2 handfuls of ULTRAPURE Laboratories® Epsom Salts into the water and gently mix. Soak time 15 -20 minutes. You can also use your Epsom Salts for a relaxing foot soak.

Pick up our Epsom Salts in your local Pharmacy and Health Store Nationwide. Here’s to hopefully many more awards to come in 2024!

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