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Work it out- Magnesium Spray

Looking to use the lockdown to get or keep fit at home? A fantastic article by Peta Bee appeared recently in the Irish Examiner on separating myth from reality when it comes to exercise.

Many people end up doing more harm than good when starting out, so it is really important that exercise is done the right way. Particularly warming up and warming down can help avoid muscle injury.

Work it out- Heat Rub

A summary of the key points

Myth: You need to cover 10,000 steps a day

Reality: Aim for an initial 7,500 daily steps

Myth: Drink before you are thirsty

Reality: Drink when you feel thirsty

Myth: All exercise makes you hungry

Reality: The right type of activity will stem your appetite

Myth: More protein means bigger muscles

Reality: No matter how much protein, you won’t firm up without exercise

Myth: Resistance training makes you look chunky

Reality: Resistance training helps you get slim

Myth: Lifting weights is unsafe for children

Reality: Childhood is the best time to start resistance training

Check out the  full article here Work it out: Separating exercise myths from reality (

Work it out- Muscle Products

Remember you can also help muscle recovery and fatigue after a strenuous workout with some of our leading muscle recovery products, such as our latest Essential Oil muscle Spray, 100% natural using only the finest essential oils, known for their many benefits for the body .

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