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For many years, heat therapy has been on stiff and aching muscles and joints, offering individuals who are suffering relief from stiffness and pain and providing them with relaxation.  Methods of heat therapy have been adopted for not only pain relief but also injury prevention.  Topical heat gels like UltraPure’s Heat Rub are convenient heat therapy options for individuals on the go.

What is Heat Therapy

Heat therapy works by using heat to relax and soothe muscles and heal tissue damage.  By increasing the tempter of an affected area, blood flow and circulation improve in this area which aids muscle flexibility and alleviates discomfort.

How does Heat Rub work?

When applied, heat rub promotes blood flow to a painful or stiff area.  Increases in tissue temperature are usually associated with the widening of blood vestles.  This increased circulation brings oxygen and nutrients that are carried by the blood cells to the affected area.  Oxygen and nutrients boost muscle healing, ease pain and muscle spasms, and increase capillary permeability and fluid exchange.

Heat increases the rate of metabolic activity, which increases oxygen consumption and phagocytosis. Phagocytosis occurs when immune cells engulf or destroy foreign bodies such as bacteria.  These immune cells are drawn towards areas of infection or inflammation and engulf foreign particles.

Thermotherapy promotes flexibility and soft tissue extensibility, which should decrease joint stiffness in patients with chronic localised inflammation and aids mobility restoration in muscles and joints.

When to Use Heat Therapy:

  1. Heat Rub for Back Pain

    For new injury involving a pulled muscle and swelling, it’s best to use the RICE protocol and once swelling has subsided, treat with heat.  Persistent back pain can result from straining and overexerting muscles which creates tension in soft tissue and muscles, particularly in the lower back.  Heat therapy will increase blood flow to the back, which increases oxygen and nutrients to the muscle, which assist healing in damaged tissue.

  2. Heat Rub for Neck and Shoulder Pain

    Neck and shoulder stiffness and soreness can be caused by an overextension of muscles and bad posture.  Applying heat to sore muscles in the neck and shoulders will increase flexibility and reduce muscle tightness by warming up soft tissue and muscles.

  3. Heat Rub for Muscle Spasm

    Muscle spasms are involuntary painful contractions or tightening in the muscles.  Although the cause of muscle spasms is unknown increases blood flow and circulation, alleviating the discomfit.  Stretching and massaging a heat rub into the muscle can relieve pain and discomfit and may often be used as a preventive before exercise.

  4. Heat Rub for Knee Pain

    For new acute injuries, the RICE protocol should be used immediately and for up to three days until swelling has reduced.  For chronic knee pain where no inflammation is present, heat is an appropriate remedy.  Heat creams like UltraPure’s Heat Rub is effective as it forms around the joint and penetrate deep within the tissue.

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