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Recovering From Muscle Injury After Intense Exercise

Sports Injury Recovery

Muscle strains occur when a muscle has been overstretched and therefore has torn. Indications of a strained muscle include pain, limited movement, stiffness, weakness, bruising, or spasms.

To prevent muscle injuries:

• Stretch to improve flexibility.
• Warm-up tougher before physical activity.
• Do not overexert yourself by doing too much too soon.
• Keep in shape.
• Use a magnesium-based product on muscles before working out.

Recovering from a muscle injury

When muscle pain is caused by overuse, it is recommended that individuals must take the R.I.C.E protocol.

This involves:
• resting the injured muscle.
• Ice the injured area.
• Compress the sore, strained muscle.
• Elevate the affected area.

Natural remedies that provide relief from a muscle injury

Natural remedies that provide relief from a muscle injury and may reduce recovery time include Arnica, Epsom salt, and Aloe Vera.


Arnica has long been used for its healing properties. When it comes to muscle recovery, arnica has been recognised as a relief for muscle and joint pain, aches and bruising. Arnica works as a relaxant as it has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which assist in the reduction swelling and the reabsorbing of bruises which speed up recovery in the primary phase of an injury.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera’s healing power goes deeper than the surface of the skin. It is believed that Aloe Vera aids tissue repair in damaged muscles by helping to grow and regenerate muscle fibre and tissues. Due to these healing properties, aloe vera can be used on sore areas to minimise recovery pain after a workout.

Epsom Salt

The healing power of Epsom salt stems from its high magnesium sulphate content. People claim that magnesium sulphate ions are absorbed through the skin and alleviate soreness and cramps caused by muscle overuse.

Lactic acid and glucose build-up are renounced for causing muscle pain, cramps, and muscular fatigue. Magnesium is particularly important for athletes as it helps your body use up the glucose and lactic acid, therefore, avoiding muscular pain.

Recovering From Muscle Injury After Intense Exercise

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