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Coconut oil is renowned all over the world as an excellent, hair tonic, massage oil and moisturizer for the skin. We thought we would post about a few of the more common things our customers have told us they are using our ULTRAPURE Coconut oil for.

  1. For a deep hair conditioning treatment – apply and comb into the hair. Then sleep with a shower cap or towel wrapped around your head, wash and condition as usual the next morning.
  2. To remove eye make-up, apply on a ball of cotton wool, it does a great job getting rid of waxy inky eye makeup
  3. To shave your legs, a lovely inexpensive way to get a close shave and leave your legs soft and smooth
  4. As a cheekbone highlighter, (one customer recently told us she applies make up as usual then sweeps a small amount of our coconut oil across the makeup  which to gives a moist natural lighter glow 5) As a body moisturiser – coconut oil really helps reduce moisture loss and increase hydration and
  5. As a face cleanser – because it has antibacterial anti-fungal moisturising properties many customers swear by it as a moisturising cleanser especially for night-time.

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