Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Chef Adrian Martin's 'Fakeaway' Ideas.



New Year, New You?

The New Year is always a great time to try new things, set new goals and just work on improving yourself all round. Many of us set goals in regards to our health because after all your health really is your wealth. This may include upping your exercise regime and cutting back on those ‘bold’ foods including the much loved takeaways. You will notice that cutting back on your regular takeaways not only benefits your health but your wallet will also thank you for it, which is something I’m sure all of us need a little help with after some Christmas splurges. Having said that we have gathered some of our favourite ‘Fakeaway’ recipes from Chef Adrian Martin who we had the pleasure of being introduced to at Connacht Gold’s ‘Have it All’ event last year and linked them down below for you to try!

All of these recipes include Coconut Oil which is an ULTRAPURE best seller due to its’ many uses and benefits. It has many applications in food, medicine and industry. ULTRAPURE Coconut Oil is excellent for frying at high temperatures and is a familiar flavour in Asian curries, while also being popular for personal use on the skin or hair – read all about it here: (link to product page)


Chef Adrian Martin Fakeway Recipes


DIY SPICE BAG - http://chefadrian.ie/diy-spice-bag-recipe/


ROAST BEEF SUB - http://chefadrian.ie/roast-beef-sub-recipe/


SALT & CHILLI CHICKEN BITES - http://chefadrian.ie/salt-and-chilli-chicken-bites/


BEEF STIR FRY - http://chefadrian.ie/stir-fry-recipe/


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